The Sandbox

Book #1 from the series: The Sandbox Trilogy

Trigger Warning: unsuitable for conservatives. 

The Sandbox features three rebellious anti-capitalist teenagers who discover an ethereal mirror of Earth with the ability to affect the real world. A dire threat to the Establishment, they soon make deadly enemies. But how much control of the Sandbox do they truly have? 

What on Earth does...

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The Sandbox 2

Book #2 from the series: The Sandbox Trilogy

The Establishment’s pursuit of the astounding power of the Sandbox has been revitalised by the discovery that Sonny, Dan and Isla are not invulnerable.  And neither are their loved ones. 

But the use of extreme force may no longer even be necessary as mistrust is fermenting between the trio. Dan is suspicious of Sonny’s racist militia...

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The Sandbox 3

Book #3 from the series: The Sandbox Trilogy

As awareness of the Anomalies seeps out into the world and former conspiracy theories blossom into front-page news, the international Anomalies Crisis deepens. Are these vast unearthly constructions benign gifts from a philanthropic species or inter-dimensional gateways for a world-conquering alien force?


Even Sonny, Dan and Isla cannot...

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The Invincibles

12 year old Jack Crawford is the only person who can save his dad’s life. Trouble is he’s trapped thousands of miles away in a remote Scottish boarding school. He needs help but his new classmates are a bunch of spoiled, lazy, resentful pre-teens.

Bryce: Ruthless leader. Likes rules. Hates losers.

Holly: Fearless Headmaster’s daughter. Likes...

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