Book #2 from the series: The Sandbox Trilogy

The Sandbox 2


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The Establishment’s pursuit of the astounding power of the Sandbox has been revitalised by the discovery that Sonny, Dan and Isla are not invulnerable.  And neither are their loved ones. 

But the use of extreme force may no longer even be necessary as mistrust is fermenting between the trio. Dan is suspicious of Sonny’s racist militia uncles, while Sonny grows ever more sceptical of Dan’s environmental campaigning. 

Neither has noticed Isla withdrawing into obsession, immersed deep inside the infinite data of the Sandbox Core risking her sanity, her life and the lives of those closest to her.  

And what are the Anomalies? The vast structures which the Sandbox appears to be constructing at secret locations around the world. Also, Sheriff Dewey has been having the most bizarre dreams since Isla split her unearthly tattoo to save Dewey’s life.

Isla, Sonny and Dan must somehow unite once again, if they are to prevent the Establishment capturing the Sandbox once and for all.