Book #3 from the series: The Sandbox Trilogy

The Sandbox 3


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As awareness of the Anomalies seeps out into the world and former conspiracy theories blossom into front-page news, the international Anomalies Crisis deepens. Are these vast unearthly constructions benign gifts from a philanthropic species or inter-dimensional gateways for a world-conquering alien force?


Even Sonny, Dan and Isla cannot fathom the true purpose of the vast Anomalies but Isla Duncan makes her choice and vows to fight to her dying breath to save such majestic society-changing creations. But if she can’t win over her best friends how will she ever convince the world?


Once again, the military industrial complex seems far more concerned about preserving its own financial and social privilege, than saving the planet. 


So, Dan Hawk faces the hardest decision of his life. He must choose between Isla and Sonny. 


One of them will save the world. One of them will doom it.


But who is right?



Respect your youngers



Satire. Science Fiction. Adventure