The Invincibles

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12 year old Jack Crawford is the only person who can save his dad’s life. Trouble is he’s trapped thousands of miles away in a remote Scottish boarding school. He needs help but his new classmates are a bunch of spoiled, lazy, resentful pre-teens.

Bryce: Ruthless leader. Likes rules. Hates losers.

Holly: Fearless Headmaster’s daughter. Likes trouble.

Rishi: Likes computers. Hates trouble.

Sergei: Neglected Billionaire’s son. Likes marshmallows.

Boyd: Bored Texan giant. Likes girls. All of them.

With time running out, Jack must forge this bunch of misfits into The Invincibles, a crack team of daring escapologists, whip-smart cryptographers, cunning App programmers and robotic engineers. But will The Invincibles risk everything for Jack?

Can they overcome their worst fears, face a ghost, crack a secret code, unmask a traitor, evade a trained killer and when the time comes…

…seize complete control of their school?